Borderlands PC Knoxx Falling Trick

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Borderlands PC Knoxx Falling Trick

Post  pokemonrulz (Admin) on Fri May 21, 2010 6:00 pm

This is a good way to have infinite time and it won't glitch up your game either! jocolor Here's how to.

1. After killing Knoxx, go into the hallway as usual.
2. Run towards the control room (where you're supposed to place the detonator) and run back ad forth until it seems like you fell underground. albino
3. Turn a little but don't move and you'll see a ledge and below it, you can see the weapon crates.
4. Crouch and hop off and you're there!
5. Look at the timer.... Infinite time! Explore, as there are 100+ crates!

lol! This rulz!

Here's a video showing you:
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