Make A New Type Of Potion

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Make A New Type Of Potion

Post  pokemonrulz (Admin) on Sat May 15, 2010 1:19 pm

Quite fun and addicting! Smile Ok, so all you do is create a new type of potion for Pokrmon. Entries will be voted and judged on who's the best. I'll start off. (Each person's limit is 1 only)

Purple Gloop
Effect- Heals posion type Pokemon completely. (revives with full HP, recovers PP, heals any status problem) But, causes other types to get the poison status problem.
Color- Purple (duh Wink )
Cost- Not avalible in Pokemarts, obtained by pickup ability or Thief move. 2% a Grimer or Muk has it.
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