Wanted: New Borderlands Guns! (PC)

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Wanted: New Borderlands Guns! (PC)

Post  pokemonrulz (Admin) on Sat May 15, 2010 7:13 pm

Ok, anybody willing to trade guns with me? I'm desperate.... pale If you want to add me as a friend: lilila Here's the guns I have. Tell me what you want!! Very Happy

Lvl 61 Siren (Lillith)
Maliwan HellFire- Dmg 169 (SMG)
Rolling Thunder- Dmg 1113 (Sniper)
Pearlescent Tsunami- Dmg 149 and shock+corrosive dmg. (SMG)
Pearlescent Genocide Avenger- Dmg 345 and ammo regen (Combat Rifle)
Pearlescent Hunter's Jackal- Dmg 897 (Shotgun)

That's all I have to offer! What a Face
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